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Who we are?

Soyeco is an entirely eco-conscious brand established in 2018 by Twinpol to deliver innovative solutions to clients worldwide. Throughout the development of our formulas, we relentlessly pursue minimizing our environmental footprint. Our primary objective is to provide a diverse array of high-quality eco-friendly products. It is deeply embedded in our core values to uphold environmental stewardship while maintaining the superior quality and effectiveness of our products.


Our main goal is to offer a wide range of eco solutions of the highest quality, safety, and effectiveness. At the same time, our products are not and will never be tested on animals. It’s in our core beliefs to care for and protect the environment while preserving the quality and effectiveness of our products.

The innovative solution of water-dissolvable tablets that create cleaning detergents, allows us to greatly decrease the emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere and production of one-time-use plastics. By creating sustainable products like that we truly believe we are helping our planet.



Check the certificates that confirm
the quality and safety of soyeco products

​The paper used for the production of packaging is FSC® certified, i.e. Forest Stewardship Council®​Proceeding in accordance with the FSC® guidelines allows you to obtain wood without affecting the biological resources and structure of forests.
I'm green™ (green polyethylene) is polyethylene based on a bio-thermoplastic resin derived from sugar cane. Its greatest advantage is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the air by capturing CO2 during the production cycle.
The V mark is a symbol of the Viva Foundation, which is used to mark vegan products, i.e. those that do not contain any animal ingredients in their composition, they are not used in the production process, they are not tested on animals and do not contain palm oil.

OEM&ODM services

B2B partnership

With a rich history of innovation, Twinpol specializes in custom cleaning products for B2B clients. Our OEM/ODM services allow us to create tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Join us in a partnership committed to quality and sustainability. Let's work together to shape a cleaner, greener future. Contact us today to discuss your custom cleaning product requirements.


Soyeco is a brand founded in 2018 by Twinpol to provide ecological solutions to clients worldwide.
Our main goal is to offer a wide range of eco products of the highest quality and accessibility.
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