ECO Bathroom cleaning liquid, 500 ml


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ECO Bathroom Cleaning Liquid – 500 ml

ECO Bathroom Cleaning Liquid

Effective and Environmentally Friendly Cleaning

Our ECO Bathroom Cleaning Liquid is a high-quality and eco-friendly solution for keeping your bathroom clean and fresh. With its powerful formula, it effectively removes dirt, grime, and soap scum without the need for harsh chemicals. By choosing our product, you are making a conscious choice to protect the environment while maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom.

Gentle on Surfaces

This specially formulated cleaning liquid is gentle on various bathroom surfaces such as tiles, sinks, bathtubs, and countertops. It cleans and shines without leaving behind any residue or streaks. You can confidently use it on different materials without worrying about damage or discoloration.


  • Effectively removes dirt, grime, and soap scum
  • Gentle on the environment
  • Suitable for various bathroom surfaces
  • Eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical cleaners
  • Easy to use

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