ECO Glass cleaning tablets, 6 pcs + bottle 500 ml

  • Bottle size: 500 ml
  • Refills number: 3 (6 tablets)
  • All components are biodegradable
  • Tablets dissolve in around 30-40 mins

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Soyeco - Glass cleaner

This product is a glass cleaner for the windows, mirrors, tables and other glass surfaces that you can encounter at your house or other places. This product can be used for electric windows cleaning machine. With just one use it leaves a clean and a free of streaks glass surface.. With our sustainable solution you will be able to clean your windows and mirrors effectively and ecologically.

cleaner window view

This glass cleaner in the form of a water-dissolvable tablet creates a product perfect for home use. This innovative solution for cleaning windows and mirrors alows us to greatly reduce the amount of one-time-use plastic that is produced and consumed.

It cleans all types of dust, streaks, and dirt from different types of glass  surfaces. The product is safe to use and does not irritate the skin, which makes cleaning even more enjoyable.

Just throw in two tablets and add 500 ml of water, wait 30-40 minutes and your liquid should be ready to use. The cleaning solution is created using only natural ingredients that were carefully selected to form the most effective cleaning product for glass surfaces.

An eco-friendly solution for the environment!

By lowering the weight and size of the product we gain numerous benefits for the consumers and the environment. This greatly decreases the carbon footprint at various stages of the life of the product. Storage and transportation become easier and cheaper for everyone. With each use of the tablet instead of regular cleaning liquid you help our planet!

It is tested and safe and should not cause harm to the windows, mirror or frames. The product does not contain any phosphonates, SLS, SLES, parabens, thickeners, or artificial fragrance compounds. Due to it being composed from all natural ingredients, after a while there might be a visible precipitate forming from the solution. This is not harmful and does not effect the effectiveness of the product. This and all our products are cruelty-free which means that it wasn’t and will never be tested on animals.

mountain view clear window ecology fluid
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